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Aerial tour of Northeast Ohio's lakefront

One of the best ways to appreciate the lakefront is to get in a small plane and fly along the shore at 1,000 feet above the water. That's what we did on May 19, 2002, to obtain the photos on this page.

The flight went from Bay Village on the west to Mentor on the east.

As you view the photos, think about how scarce lakefront property is being used for public or private purposes, how little of the lakefront is accessible to the public, and how the shore has been modified to reduce or exacerbate erosion problems.

Bluffs along eastern Bay Village...<br />View of Lake Erie shorelineCashelmara condos in Bay Village<br />Eastern end of Rocky River<br />Expensive homes in Rocky River<br />Mouth of the Rocky River<br />Mouth of the Rocky River and Cleveland Yacht Club<br />Mansions on the rocky bluff in Lakewood<br />Lakewood park (public access!)<br />Houses on the edge<br />Gold Coast in Lakewood<br />Edgewater Park (public) and Yacht Club (private)<br />Whiskey Island<br />Whiskey Island, Flats and downtown<br />Whiskey Island at the mouth of the Cuyahoga River<br />Dowtown lakefront at North Coast Harbor<br />Marinas along the Shoreway<br />Burke Lakefront Airport<br />Cleveland Public Power plant and marinas<br />Dike 14 confined disposal facility at the end of Martin Luther King Blvd.<br />In 2012, Dike 14 was officially opened to the public as the Dike 14 Nature PreserveBig homes in Bratenahl<br />Private club in Bratenahl<br />Marina in Bratenahl<br />Private marina enclave<br />Easterly Wastewater Treatment Plant<br />Euclid Beach Lakefront State Park<br />Mouth of Euclid Creek<br />Development area in Euclid<br />Euclid high-rises<br />Private shoreline<br />Power plant at Eastlake<br />Mouth of the Chagrin River<br />Shoreline armoring causing increased erosion nearby<br />Mentor Lagoons<br />Mentor Marsh and natural shoreline<br />Mouth of the Grand River, Mentor Headlands, Mentor Marsh<br />

On September 18, 1997, EcoCity Cleveland director David Beach spoke at the Ohio Lake Erie Conference at the Great Lakes Science Center and advocated a much enlarged vision of a public lakefront in Ohio. His "modest proposal" called for at least half of Ohio's 262-mile Lake Erie shoreline to be made public in the next generation.

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