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Cleveland Climate Action Fund

Founded in 2009 the Cleveland Climate Action Fund is the first community-based carbon reduction fund in the United States. The Fund invests in local community projects that reduce greenhouse gas emissions and spark economic development in Cleveland.

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The Fund’s founding partners included the City of Cleveland, Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland Foundation, George Gund Foundation, and the GreenCityBlueLake Institute at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History.

Individuals and corporations are encouraged to calculate their carbon footprint on the Fund’s website and make a tax-deductible donation to the Fund though the Cleveland Foundation. Donors can be assured their contributions are making sustainable, positive change in Cleveland area neighborhoods. The money collected goes to implementing local projects that reduce the overall carbon emissions of the Cleveland area.

Early carbon reduction projects supported by the Climate Action Fund included:

  • CFL replacement program -- replacing incandescent lightbulbs with CFLs in two Cleveland neighborhoods, Detroit-Shoreway and Slavic Village
  • Home weatherization kits -- funding for home weatherization kits
  • Burten, Bell, Carr Development Inc.’s Heritage View Model Block Sustainability Program will outfit homes in the Central neighborhood of Cleveland with energy efficient CFL light bulbs, low-flow shower heads, and sink aerators.
  • Bike Cleveland’s Creating a Mode Shift will challenge and equip commuters across the region to choose biking as their preferred method of commuting to and from work.
  • Tremont West Development Corporation’s Residential Composting Program will shed light on the amount of food waste that can be diverted from landfills with a strong back-yard composting program in Tremont.

In 2015, the Climate Action Fund awarded 13 small grants totaling over $46,000. Examples of neighborhood projects include a neighborhood composting program on bicycles, transitioning a youth landscaping employment program to gasoline-free equipment, a solar array on a K-8 community school that integrates with STEM curriculum, a bicycle parking and repair station near a transit stop, and reforestation on vacant land. Short descriptions of each project can be found here. All grantees were recognized at the Sustainable Cleveland Summit in September 2015.

Learn more at Cleveland Climate Action Fund.

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