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Below are answers to some freqently asked questions we receive at GreenCityBlueLake on the subject of recycling.

Materials Recovery Facility<br />Recyclables are sorted from landfill trash for Northeast Ohio at this Waste Management facilityWhere your recycling goes<br />Waste Management sorts recycling at this Bedford Heights facilityCan crusher<br />Aluminum cans are crushed in to cubes for transport to marketUp and away<br />This conveyer helps paper sorting by blowing lighter paper into binsFinding new uses<br />Recycling relies on a market for materials which fluctuatesPaper economy<br />Paper has steady demand; paper and cardboard is sorted for baling. Long bales can be seen at left. <br />Tons of lost opportunity<br />The other side of the recycling facility; tons of waste with no recycling program is sent to the landfill

How do I find information about the recycling program in my community?

Republic Services Resource Recovery Facility in Lorain County processes recyclables from many communities in Cuyahoga, Erie, Geauga, Lake, and Lorain counties. A guide to the items Republic accepts for recycling from communities east of I-77 is here, and a guide for communities west of I-77 is here

The Cleveland Metroparks have bins for anyone in the community to recycle the following: Aluminum cans, cell phones, paper, phone books, printer cartridges. Go here for more information. 

The Nature Center at Shaker Lakes is supplying a dumpster for recycling of paper, magazines, books, mail, newspapers. The center will receive a little income if enough people use the dumpster.

The Ohio Department of Natural Resources has a county-by- county breakdown with a comprehensive city listing of which communities and businesses recycle.

Recycling locations in Cleveland (map by Jeff Schuler)

View Cleveland Recyling Locations in a larger map

Does recycling help the environment?

While every bit helps and an interest in recycling makes for a healthier planet, you can go a step beyond by reducing your level of your consumption in the first place. Also buy items that have less packaging, plastics with a "1" or "2" label (the most commonly accepted recyclable plastics) and "green" or local products because they embody less energy in their production, transportation and disposal.

Where can I find green products and services both locally and regionally?

How can my business make use of its waste stream?

The Ohio Department of Natural Resources, the Office of Energy Efficiency and the Ohio Department of Development have an innovative waste exchange program to facilitate the reuse of waste materials between businesses. Visit The Ohio Materials Exchange.

Where can I "recycle" my old computer and electronics?

  • Computers Assisting People, 3154 Payne Ave., Cleveland, OH 44114, 216-781-8227.
  • The Cuyahoga County Solid Waste District runs a number of recycling programs, including round-ups of old computers (which are either refurbished and donated or stored in a licensed hazardous waste site). The District also has round-ups for paints & pesticides, tires and phone books along with teacher workshops on recycling.
  • Staples has a program where you drop off used cell phones, PDAs, monitors and printers in every Staples store. Staples works with Electronic Recyclers International (ERI), is a certified e-Stewards® Recycler.

How do I safely dispose of paints, pesticides, and other household hazardous wastes?

Hazardous wastes need to be handled separately from ordinary solid wastes. Call your county solid waste management district to find out about hazardous waste collections days. 

Where do I dispose of used motor oil?

Check with local oil change facilities or auto parts stores; many accept and recycle used oil for free or for a small service fee. 

Where can I find resources to learn more about recycling?

The Association of Ohio Recyclers provides resources on buying earth-friendly products, composting, construction demolition/green building and general recycling, including an extensive list of helpful links.

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