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Best urban strolls

W. 25th and Lorain in Ohio City

Perhaps Cleveland's most vibrant district is anchored by the West Side Market, the pedestrian friendly Market Square, cafes, restaurants and an artisanal food and craft brew scene.

East Fourth Street

At only 450 feet long and 42 feet wide, E. 4th Street is the perfect size for an intimate stroll -- through the past (called the "gayest" place in the 1930s) and through to its present revival as downtown Cleveland's hottest destination.

Coventry Road

Once known as the place to find Cleveland hippies, Coventry now provides a mix of eclectic eateries and shops catering to young and old alike. Art supplies, vintage toys and vegetarian food are offered alongside books, Birkenstocks, coffee shops, restaurants and live music.

First and Main in Hudson

The First & Main mixed-use retail development was designed to seamlessly blend historic Main Street with new retail stores, restaurants, a library, and town homes, right in the center of town.

Clifton and W. 117th

Straddling Cleveland and Lakewood, Clifton and W. 117 is a grand boulevard lined with shops and restaurants. It's an easy walk to the lakefront and some of the grandest address on the West Side.

Shaker Square

Located where Cleveland meets Shaker Heights at the convergence of two light-rail Rapid Transit lines, the square is the oldest shopping district in Ohio and the second oldest in the nation.

Main Street in Chagrin Falls

The heart of a village formed in 1844, Main Street is walkable and architecturally intriguing with a natural waterfall and dam located along the Chagrin River in the center of town.

Tremont's Professor Avenue

Originally settled by Eastern Europeans, Appalachians, Greeks, Polish and African-Americans, Tremont is one of Cleveland's oldest neighborhoods with architectural gems and shop-lined Professor Avenue at its heart.

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