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The waters of Northeast Ohio

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As people of the Great Lakes freshwater miracle, we have had the luxury to be complacent about water. We don’t know the desperate thirst of the world. We don’t have to measure every drop. We don’t always know where our water comes from—or where it goes.

So this is a call to explore the incredible freshwater resources of our region. The pages in this section of the site will introduce you to:

  • Lake Erie — The vast lake that defines our region in so many ways.
  • Rivers — The many streams on both sides of our region’s continental divide (it’s not called Summit County for nothing!) that carry water to Lake Erie or to the Ohio River.
  • Groundwater — The hidden resource on which a surprising number of people rely.

As we come to know water, we will discover a lot about ourselves—how we are all connected, how well we clean up our messes, how we are changed and renewed each day by the water passing through us. We will come to know more about what really matters.

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