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Midwest cities could be first to meet climate pact

Marc Lefkowitz  |  12/15/15 @ 4:00pm  |  Posted in Transform

Cities are on the vanguard of the new global climate pact signed in Paris. More specifically, cities in the Rust Belt have the most to gain from COP21. COP21, the world’s first climate commitment, could turn cities into a platform for ways to meet the immense challenge of what to do, Next City writes in The Urban Planner’s Guide to Living...

<br />Smart Growth America report on rebuilding downtowns highlights Gordon Square in Cleveland.

Forest City's Ron Ratner takes Cleveland's almost-decade old Comprehensive Plan to the mat

Marc Lefkowitz  |  10/29/15 @ 12:00pm  |  Posted in Transform

The last time Cleveland updated its Comprehensive Plan, LeBron hadn’t made The Decision, the subprime lending fiasco hadn’t struck down whole neighborhoods like Slavic Village, downtown’s population was well below 10,000 and 8% of the city’s residents had pulled up stakes and fled (between 2000 and its release in 2007).

Forest city?<br />The Cleveland comprehensive plan hasn't grappled with a city experiencing 20 percent population loss in half of its Census Tracts, says Forest City Enterprises CEO Ron Ratner.<br />An image of Kinsman & Union looking west from the Connecting Cleveland 2020 Citywide Plan.

Youngstown kicks off Better Blocks series

Marc Lefkowitz  |  09/28/15 @ 10:00am  |  Posted in Vibrant cities, Transform

The first Better Block event in Youngstown was held on Saturday, September 26th, on Mahoning Avenue on the West Side. The street was completely transformed for the day with bike lanes, street trees, outdoor seating, live music, a farmer's market, a cafe, and two art galleries.

<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />

Does Dallas' Klyde Warren Park look like what Cleveland has in mind for Innerbelt cap?

Marc Lefkowitz  |  05/21/15 @ 1:00pm  |  Posted in Transform

One of the coolest places I visited in Dallas was probably Klyde Warren Park. It's all there. The big green where I saw a father and son tossing a Frisbee. Kids and moms frolicking in a splash zone. People browsing magazines and newspapers off the rack in the free reading area. Movable bistro seating. Shade trees. A cafe. I don’t know...

<br />Klyde Warren Park in Dallas. Images: GCBL.<br /><br />

Cleveland still dealing with the legacy of Urban Renewal

Marc Lefkowitz  |  04/14/15 @ 2:45pm  |  Posted in Transform, Transportation

The legacy of the U.S. highway system—how it tore through urban neighborhoods like the once-thriving Woodland area south of Interstate 90 in downtown Cleveland—is still being felt 60 years later.

The long road back<br />E. 22nd Street just north of the I-77 bridge will get a road diet with bike lanes. Images: Google.<br />Cedar Estates will be redeveloped with market/subsidized townhomes, new cross streets to break up the superblock<br />A pedestrian tries to cross near the E. 22nd bridge over the Innerbelt (seen in background).

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