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The deluge now: Climate change today in our own backyards

David Beach  |  05/09/14 @ 11:00am  |  Posted in Clean energy

The latest required reading about the most important issue facing humanity is the National Climate Assessment, released May 6 by the U.S. government. The upshot: climate change is happening sooner and with more harmful impacts than previously feared. And the longer we wait to reduce the carbon pollution that is warming the planet, the harder and more costly the transition...

Observed U.S. Temperature Change Map<br />Source: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration National Climatic Data Center

Cleveland Housing Network, an Ohio House candidate and Lutheran leaders weigh Ohio's halting progress on clean energy

Marc Lefkowitz  |  04/25/14 @ 1:00pm  |  Posted in Clean energy

Why have the recent efforts to “freeze” Ohio’s renewable and energy efficiency standards sparked such heated debates? Utilities say they can do a better job without them lowering costs and introducing renewables and efficiency. Environmental and housing groups, manufacturers, and even Evangelical Lutheran church leaders have weighed in with strong reasons for keeping the standards in place. Which side is right?

Go deep<br />An old home in Cleveland undergoes a Deep Energy Retrofit

Who is trying to bring down Ohio's Renewable Energy law?

Marc Lefkowitz  |  04/08/14 @ 11:00am  |  Posted in Clean energy

Mainstream media coverage of Ohio’s Renewable Energy Portfolio Standard (RPS)—which is again under attack in the state’s General Assembly—has missed important facts about who stands to gain (and lose) from a clean energy policy, says Media Matters for America.

Big push for wind<br />Honda installed two wind turbines capable of generating 10 percent of the power at its Russell's Point, Ohio transmission manufacturing facility.

Visionary Paul Allen shares plans for a Zero Carbon Britain

Marc Lefkowitz  |  04/03/14 @ 4:00pm  |  Posted in Clean energy

The Zero Carbon Britain project is creating plausible scenarios of a “decarbonized” society to help people imagine the transition away from fossil fuels and the crisis of climate change. The transition is possible, and it can be done with existing technology. The only challenges are cultural and political.

<br />Go with the flow<br />Energy flows of alternative, clean forms that will replace fossil fuels in Zero Carbon Britain scenarioCarbon budget<br />Centre for Alternative Technologies estimates for an annual carbon budget for a UK citizen today on the left versus the future in a few decades.

Best and worst communities in Northeast Ohio (based on household carbon footprint)

David Beach  |  01/29/14 @ 5:00pm  |  Posted in Clean energy

Households in the wealthy suburbs of Northeast Ohio have roughly twice the impact on climate change as households in the region’s central cities.

Carbon footprints<br />Map of household carbon footprints in Northeast Ohio by zip code (Source: UC Berkeley CoolClimate Network, Average Annual Household Carbon Footprint, 2013, http://coolclimate.berkeley.edu/maps)

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