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Advanced Energy group gathers with clean tech entrepreneurs

Marc Lefkowitz  |  09/20/10 @ 12:00pm  |  Posted in Clean energy

The Advanced Energy Generation 2019 group gathered with 100 business leaders at the Ohio Aerospace Institute for a brainstorming session on what the region needs to improve the climate for new clean energy tech businesses. Break out sessions focused on "smart grid" and energy storage technologies, wind, solar and energy efficiency/biomass. I sat in on the smart grid session led by...more

COSE tries to energize Cleveland companies with green programs

Marc Lefkowitz  |  09/02/10 @ 2:00pm  |  Posted in Clean energy, Green buildings

During the last four years, The Council of Smaller Enterprises (COSE) rolled out a slew of energy savings programs. And while some early birds are feeding, hundreds of small businesses who may starve in this recession have shied away. That concerns Nicole Stika, COSE's Energy Program director. "We're providing a whole suite of products that think beyond paying utility bills," she says....more

Cleveland's elite institutions consider if coal has a place in their future

Marc Lefkowitz  |  08/01/10 @ 10:30am  |  Posted in Clean energy

The alarm bells haven't started ringing, but environmental groups and concerned citizens are nervously eyeing a permit renewal for a coal-fired power plant in University Circle. It is likely the plant will continue to burn coal here, yet the renewal is seen as a litmus test as the city's cultural and intellectual elite-many of whom have taken a public stance...more

Lake Erie wind turbine views

David Beach  |  07/26/10 @ 3:00pm  |  Posted in Clean energy

As the wind energy industry in Northern Ohio gets closer to building the world's first freshwater wind farm on Lake Erie, people are getting curious about the potential impact on lakeshore views. This simulated image, created recently by the Ohio Department of Natural Resources Office of Coastal Management, shows what a large, commercial wind turbine will look like if located...more

Cost benefit analysis of energy sources

Greg Studen  |  07/12/10 @ 3:00pm  |  Posted in Clean energy

One of the critical issues in evaluating new energy technologies is how to determine whether a new energy installation--a windmill, a solar panel, a power plant--will generate more energy over its useful life than the energy it takes to build and maintain it, and how much more. This analysis falls under the general category of cost/benefit analysis. Comparing the...more

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