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Oberlin will build Kent student-designed house that runs on sunshine

Marc Lefkowitz  |  02/27/14 @ 1:00pm  |  Posted in Building new

Each time architect Joe Ferut, Jr. designs a home he would like it to reflect all that he’s learned about making habitats that tread as lightly on the planet as possible.

Believe in magic<br />Joe Ferut designed a net positive energy house called Trail Magic in Oberlin. Owner Carl McDaniel has written a book on the subject.

Cracking the code on better buildings

Marc Lefkowitz  |  11/16/12 @ 10:00am  |  Posted in Building new, Home renovation

What's so striking about the ratcheting up of building codes in Ohio is not that it took a few more years than average for the Buckeye state to adopt the 2009 standard from the International Energy Conservation Code (IECC). No, the bigger revelation may be how—at the behest of city council and sustainability advocates—Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson willed his city's tax...

Going deep<br />An old home in Cleveland undergoes a Deep Energy Retrofit That's a wrap<br />The CMNH SmartHome's permanent foundation includes Insulated Concrete Forms

New ideas for architecture: Tapping inner beauty

Marc Lefkowitz  |  10/04/12 @ 10:00am  |  Posted in Green buildings, Live, Building new

Design with nature<br />London's New City Hall

An emergent theme at SXSW Eco is connectivity, that we are all part of a web of life. “Shape of Green” author Lance Hosey touched on this during his keynote. He said deep satisfaction derives from certain shapes, colors and patterns. He gave plenty of examples from his field research and work as an architect: The fractal patterns of tree...more

Buildings are living beings, my friend

Marc Lefkowitz  |  10/03/12 @ 11:00am  |  Posted in Green buildings, Live, Building new

The world’s leading architects are moving beyond LEED and into Living Buildings, building places like the Vandusen Botanical Garden Visitor Centre in Vancouver (pictured) which are responsive to their environment, meaning, they use almost no natural resources to fully operate and, in this case, regenerate the land, water, and air surrounding them.

Living Buildings<br />Give more than they take

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