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Building walls like animal skin

David Beach  |  04/06/12 @ 3:00pm  |  Posted in Green buildings

Through thousands of years of evolutionary trial and error, animals have developed skins with remarkable properties to regulate temperature, manage water, provide protection, and communicate with the surrounding world. What if we learned from animals to design building envelopes that functioned as elegantly as nature? More architects are doing just that. At a lecture last night at the University of...more

No dummy about urban planning

David Beach  |  04/04/12 @ 3:52pm

The College of Urban Affairs at Cleveland State University has done all sorts of things to promote better planning in Northeast Ohio. And now faculty member Jordan Yin is bringing planning to masses with his new book, Urban Planning for Dummies. The well-known "Dummies" series may attract snickers, but the books are usually excellent primers about difficult subjects. Yin's book covers...more

Case hosts global forum on sustainable business

David Beach  |  03/21/12 @ 1:00pm

The Case Weatherhead School of Management has scored a major coup by attracting a global forum on sustainable business to Case on October 23-25. The event will bring together top business leaders and educators to focus on ways of doing business that are both profitable and succeed in addressing the world’s most pressing social needs. Using their technique of appreciative inquiry,...more

Advancing collegiate sustainability in Northeast Ohio

David Beach  |  01/17/11 @ 3:25pm

In recent years it's been encouraging to see Northeast Ohio's colleges and universities step up to the challenge of sustainability. While Oberlin College is often at the top of national rankings of green campuses, other local institutions are coming on strong.I had a behind-the-scenes perspective on these advances while serving as an advisor to the Collegiate Sustainable Practices Consortium (CSPC). The consortium...more

Let them drive cars

David Beach  |  12/09/10 @ 4:48pm

Sustainable transportation advocates are outraged at today's news that the U.S. Department of Transportation is giving Ohio's $400 million in high-speed passenger rail funding to other states because Governor-elect John Kasich doesn't want the money. Here is the statement from outgoing Governor Ted Strickland: Ohio Governor Ted Strickland today expressed his deep disappointment that Ohio's rail funds will be given to other states as a result...more

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