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Cleveland's manufacturers readying themselves for a carbon tax?

Marc Lefkowitz  |  01/28/14 @ 2:00pm  |  Posted in Clean energy

Are Cleveland's big companies planning ahead like Exxon for a new energy future? Plus, a new look at a Circle-Heights link.

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With Fortune 500 companies like Exxon readying themselves for a carbon tax, how are local manufacturers and their huge supply chains preparing themselves for a carbon constrained future? Are they planning, like Big Oil, how to grow and become less reliant on fossil fuels? "Energy efficiency must be a focus for our future," writes Bryan Iams, VP of corporate and government affairs for Pittsburgh-based PPG Industries. PPG wants to be a leader in new energy technology, he says in a PD editorial. Major industrial players like PPG want predictability not the turmoil of price shocks and so they support legislation that lays out a clear path. What do the executives of Cleveland’s manufacturers think about the business opportunity in meeting the challenge of climate change?

Case is piloting a shuttle bus during the day from campus up the hill to Cleveland Heights. The one-month trial will become permanent if the demand exists. Starting this week, the 7-11 a.m. route will go east to Coventry with stops along the way on Mayfield and Euclid Heights Boulevard. A limited nighttime shuttle bus currently runs the route. It is unclear if a full-day service or what ‘headways’ (frequency) the university is considering. A spokesperson confirmed the service is reserved for students only. A visible, frequent shuttle service between University Circle and the Heights has been the topic of frequent discussions. RTA discontinued its Community Circulator which served the area in 2009 citing budget cuts. University Circle, Inc. manages the Circle-Link bus shuttle service which is operated by Standard Parking. UCI recently considered expanding the Circle-Link to be more of a full-service line.

The Stimulus carved out energy efficiency as a focus, with Energy Efficiency Block Grants that were used by cities for bike share (Columbus), bike stations (Cleveland) and by suburbs like Cleveland Heights to upgrade lighting. Cleveland Heights just posted an RFP to replace the lights at its city hall and outside its recreation center with LEDs.

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8 years ago

The problem, I think, is the shuttle bus in University Circle was conceived not as a transit service but for the patrons and employees to get from institution to parking garages at the perimeter of the district. Now that they're trying to figure out how to expand the service to link with surrounding areas, there will have to be an all hands on deck, can-do attitude on the part of University Circle institutions, the Heights and Cleveland. A recent Missing Links study looked at what would get people to ride transit. It's good to see what the demand and what service might work. But pilots like these should be conceived with full participation between the cities mentioned and University Circle. I think there's density and demand to connect University Circle and Cleveland Heights with some form of lower cost transit.

He Sits and He Says
8 years ago

Listen, I hope this doesn't come across as rude, but if University Circle and Cleveland Heights want more folks from the Heights to take public transit to and from UC, they're just going to have to come up with something a little bolder than this shuttle bus, which, apparently, only runs in the morning ("the 7-11 a.m. route") and is only available to students? Also, how frequently does it run? It would be interesting to know what percentage of UC workers and students live in Cleveland Heights and Shaker Heights.

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