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Let cyclists eat cake; Ohio considers sending back millions for bikes

Marc Lefkowitz  |  08/18/10 @ 10:00am

At noon today (August 18), citizens seeking access for all on the new Innerbelt Bridge will help Clevelanders celebrate the 51st birthday of the current, already decrepit, bridge by handing out pieces of cake on Public Square; at the Westside Market, and in the Tremont neighborhood.

Their message is:

Just as Queen Marie Antoinette is said to have replied 'why don't they just eat cake?' when told that the peasants were protesting their lack of bread, The Ohio Department of Transportation is saying 'why don't they just drive cars?' when confronted with the hundreds of citizens, scores of business leaders, and several brave politicians who have asked that this $500,000,000 bridge connecting two of our densest, most pedestrian-friendly neighborhoods, is built with a sidewalk.

And, save the date: if you'd like to see Cleveland with more active transportation options plan on attending a major event downtown on Friday, September 17-the date the bridge contract is to be awarded, to showcase the need for better public planning and policy for active transportation.

The Sept. 17th event will focus on celebrating the area's growing Complete Streets movement, which holds that ALL streets be built to safely and conveniently accommodate all citizens-including seniors, children, and people with disabilities, as well as those who walk, bicycle, or rely on public transit; whether by necessity, or by choice.

Get your cake (and eat it too) today at the following locations:

  • Public Square, in front of the Terminal Tower
  • Westside Market @ the corner of Lorain Ave and W 25th St.
  • Tremont, in front of Sokolowski's University Inn, University Rd. and Abbey Ave.

For background on the Innerbelt bridge Access For All campaign, and the many organizations, individuals and political leaders who support this effort, please see http://www.gcbl/innerbelt


Ohio lawmakers will consider if a huge source of funds for bicycling infrastructure should be sent back to Washington this week. ClevelandBikes asks that you call your state DOT and the Governor to tell them to spare bike funding from the biggest cuts. Here's the deal:

The Jobs Bill passed by Congress last week contains a $2.2 billion rescission (rescissions are funds sent back to D.C. to show we are saving money) of transportation funds from state Departments of Transportation. In many states, the DOT will likely target bike funding programs for the money to send back to the federal government-unless local advocates speak up and make sure that doesn't happen.States must report which program funds are affected by August 25th, so action is needed this week!

Unlike previous rescissions, there is no proportionality requirement calling for equal distribution of funding program cuts. Instead, the law gives the States maximum flexibility to choose the unobligated balances of funds to be rescinded.

The amount each state has to rescind is up to $200 million for the largest states. Please contact your Governor or state ODOT officials and ask that rescissions be done equitably across programs, and that those that traditionally fund bicycling projects not be unfairly targeted.

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